Welcome to TradePath

TradePath is a mobile-first subscription web application for non-professional stock market traders who want to identify opportunities without watching charts.

Finding a trading system isn’t hard. There are plenty available online and in the textbooks. The real challenges are

  • moving from theory to practice
  • testing how well your system performs on specific stock
  • using your system objectively

With TradePath you can build a trading system in seconds without coding.  Combine SMA, EMA, RSI and price indicators with hammer, doji, spinning top and marubozu patterns.  Tap and drag to tune them to your exact requirements.

Test your system in milliseconds on any NASDAQ or NYSE stock.  See every opportunity your system identified in the past before you let the system tell you when the markets deserve your attention.

You can get full, free access by using code SS2019 at https://tradepath.app/promo.  In return, we would appreciate some feedback

  • Which indicators, patterns, exchanges and assets would you add ?
  • Who would find this useful ?
  • What would be a fair monthly subscription price ?

What is money ?

People who want goods and services they can’t provide for themselves can get them by bartering.

Bartering works well when I have spare fruit from my garden and you have caught more fish than you need. If you don’t want my fruit when it’s fresh, I have to find someone who does and barter with them instead.

When I find an opportunity to barter, the value of the goods has to be agreed. The price of anything is what the seller is prepared to accept and the buyer is prepared to pay.

Surplus can be rare and valuable in the right place at the right time, or it can have little value. The value of surplus is affected by what other people have. When several people have the same surplus, the value decreases. When surplus is scarce, the value increases.

The value is also affected by what other people want. When the goods are in demand, the value increases. Unwanted goods have little value.

We need to be in the same place for barter to work, each with spare goods the other wants and in agreement about how much fruit a fish is worth. It can work, locally.

If we agree on a means of exchange and a store of value we can make life easier, compare prices and collaborate on a larger scale. Money is the intermediary we’ve been using.

Money is faith.

TradePath gives stock traders an easy way to create, test and run trading systems in seconds without coding, from a tablet.